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Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
Fostering a culture of continuous improvement in Diabetes care

Top Local Resources

Diabetes and Kidney Care Food Guide
Holiday Eating Tips by Dr Steve Herr
My Self-Care Action Plan
North Simcoe Muskoka Adult Diabetes Education Central Referral Form

Top External Resources

Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA):
Canadian Diabetes Association | 522 University Ave, Ste 1400 Toronto, ON, M5G 2R5 | View Map | 416-363-3373 | Website

Canadian Diabetes Association Links:

Just the Basics Financial Assistance Programs in Ontario (PDF)
Staying Healthy with Diabetes Ontario Monitoring for Health Program
Diabetes GPS - Navigate your Diabetes Insurance for People Affected by Diabetes

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Website Links:

Stand Up to Diabetes Recently Diagnosed Diabetes Passport & Goal Card Videos
Diabetes Introduction Living with Diabetes Blood Glucose Test Strips  
Diabetes Prevention 3 Key Diabetes Test Fact Sheet  

Aboriginal Resources:

Canada. Health Canada - First Nations and Inuit Health Branch | Address Locator 0900C2 Ottawa, ON, K1A 0K9 | View Map | 613-957-2991 | Website

Ontario Bariatric Network

Foot Care:
Diabetes Foot Care Self-Management Guide (PDF)
Healthy Eating:
Top 10 Tips for Tasty & Healthy Meals for people living with Diabetes (PDF) - Coming soon!

Oral Care:
The Effects of Oral Health on Overall Health

Vision Loss:
CNIB - Diabetes and Vision Loss
Everyone living with diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2, is at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. The risk increases the longer a person has diabetes and the more advanced it is. However, there are ways of reducing your risk so that you’re less likely to develop diabetic retinopathy.

Foundation Links:
Diabetes Hope Foundation